The price of my ticket. Ok this crap is legal black male. I go into the court-house and was given two choices. Plead guilty pay 217.00 and they won’t report it to my insurance company or put points on your license. Or plead innocent and get  a court day for three months down the road.

Huh!! Choices, Choices. Well I paid. I have no idea where I will be in three months. GA or MA. I felt suckered.

I have to say these public servants were beyond friendly. This county workers actually like their jobs. I can’t sat that for all of them. Years ago I had a ticket in another county. That court-house you thought you were in prison they way they were talking to the public.

Another reason I paid is, MA car insurance is crazy high. I don’t need a moving violation to make it increase more.

My mortgage company is asking for paper work I already sent. That kind of pissed me off but nothing I can do about it. I also had a few other things I had to compile. I am going to try to have it all tomorrow.

Funny thing happened today. I called my boss to give him FYI. Just fill him in on something in case he ever comes across it. He asked me was I making plans to leave the company?

Now if you don’t know you need to know. You never let the right hand know what the left is doing. Or course not was my answer. This job is on a need to know basis. When they need to know is two weeks before I am ready to be out the door. No sooner!!


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