Crazy Person Encounter

Elderly man seen begging in the ghetto downtow...

Elderly man seen begging in the ghetto downtown eastside area of Vancouver BC Canada. No one stopped to share even a kind word with the gentleman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is this woman who panhandle on this off ramp I go through every day. She is there occasionally. By her appearance I can tell she has a drug problem.

Yesterday I was feeling giving. I opened my window and gave her some of my change I have on my middle console. She tried to lecture me that I should give her more. Dig deeper is the words she used. I told her appreciate what I gave you!!!

She yelled some crap at me. I was like this woman can’t be serious. Obviously she was and I will never give her another dime.  Another guy panhandle in the same spot. I lived in this neighborhood and he has been there the entire nine years on and off. My neighbor told me he was there when he was in high school. This man is not homeless he changes his clothes every time I see him.

I don’t know either of these people circumstances. I was just pissed off when some drug addict tells me to dig deeper and give her more money!!


2 thoughts on “Crazy Person Encounter

  1. My dad once met someone on the train that commuted every day to downtown LA to panhandle. That was apparently her chosen profession (tax-free too).

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