My Friday!

Happy face

I know today is Thursday. I have tomorrow off which I am so looking forward to. I am taking Mr. Shitty paints to the groomers. He looks horrible. I do care about my dog. It doesn’t show with the way he looks at the moment. When I want to take his name Mr. Shitty paints from him, something always happens. Such as the blow out he had in his crate the other day. I know I am the worst dog trainer in the world. It is what it is.

On a brighter note I am in a pretty decent mood. I have no idea why. I did meet this new dude online recently. Only to exchange a few emails. He recently sent me his phone number. I will call tonight and see if we vibe. He describe himself as a geek in his profile. I think that is my new type GEEKS. I don’t think I was opposed to that type. The ones I come across tend to have a lack of social skills. That made it difficult to get to know them.

I am going to run a bunch of errands. I am also going to take a long nap tomorrow. I been so tired lately. Other than that life has been pretty blah. I have no motivation to make it exciting!! I am enjoying the blah for now. No news is good news.

My friend and I were talking about her marriage. I decided I am going to mind my business from now on. Who am I to comment on anything. I DON”T HAVE A HUSBAND. So no more listening to the marriage dramas. Even if I had an opinion which I do. It is always met with you aren’t married. Which is true.

 So I need to focus on my own crap. I am going to let grown people take care of grown people. They have to suffer the consequences for their decisions. Just like I do. I told a friends husband. I am done interfering in others lives. He didn’t believe me.

I belive I can do it. No more being noisy. Someone told me when you are to involved in someone elses drama it is to avoid your own. No more avoidance I need to focus on myself, my life and my drama!!


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