Out of the Country!

I have a friend who has been a government contractor for five years. He is now in the country and we have been talking on the phone like old times. He is still not in my state.

How did I meet him. In a club in Atlanta. My bold self went up to him and asked him if he was having a good time. My usual line to see if a guy is interested in me. If they continue talking to you they are interested. If you get one word it is a wrap he doesn’t like you. Well I broke the ice. He said yes he was having a good time. Then I said why do you look so damn mean. We have been friends ever since.

This man is very sexy. Tall and big like a line backer in a sexy way. The type if he puts his arms around you, you never want him to let go. So his nickname for this blog is BigSexy.  He is also originally from Chicago and had the Chi town swagger. If you don’t what swag or swagger is let me explain. That confidence and tone and charisma that makes you fall in love.

Well he did not live in GA and was just passing through. He invited me to breakfast. I knew what that meant. I was not about to be his Atlanta delight. I passed but we continued to have a phone friendship. We talked all the time. He got religion a few years later and apologized for trying to get in my paints when he first met me.

I found that funny. If I did give him some it would have been my choice. I never got that type of apology before. I thought it was nice. Well then he decided to go to Iraq as a contractor. I tried to talk him out of it. At the time on the news all you saw was the death.

He left and have been assigned to many different countries and saw the world. Fast forward five and a half years later. He is telling me I should be a contractor. He has been trying to get me to do it for years. For a long time my answer was hell no. Now I am thinking about it. My baby dreams would be put on hold for a while. But I will be making money and get totally out of debt. With a hefty saving coming back.

I told my mother my thoughts. Why the hell did I do that. She read me the riot act of how crazy I am. I am just board with myself and I need to stop. Well thanks mom for the help. I am really thinking about it.


6 thoughts on “Out of the Country!

  1. It wouldn’t be a bad idea – if that’s what would make you happy.

    About the baby, I can’t remember if your age, but if it’s up there, you may want to do the tests to assess your fertility before committing.

      • I know things are tight financially (from what you’ve said), but maybe you could go to a clinic in GA and have a consultation/get tested? If and when you move back to MA, they can just transfer the results.

      • Yes that is the plan. Not sure when I am going to get started with it. I was hoping the short sale would go through quickly. Which I am still hoping for. Then it will free up some money.

  2. Sounds like an interesting guy. I forget – didn’t you get some fertility testing before?

    Sorry about the delay on your short sale. 😦 I would find it encouraging what your realtor thought it was just a delay and wasn’t that worried.

    On a random note: will you remind me of the sp#rm bank you were considering that you found had reasonable prices?

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