Blessing 1!!

Fire Burning

This blessing I was told later in life. When I could appreciate the ramification of what happened.

My father is a recovering alcoholic. He did not get into AA until I was about six years old. I was told the alcohol is what broke up my parents marriage. My father was a functioning alcoholic. The kind that kept a job and paid the bills. So after my parents split my mom would drop me off at my dads.

I was about four or five and my mom dropped me off to my dads. He would send me to the refrigerator to get him beers. He said I was excited like I was doing something special. Well on this particular day he passed out from all the drinking.

The house we were in caught on fire. Not our apartment but an apartment in this house. If you know anything about the houses in MA you can have three apartments in one house. In any case one of the apartments caught on fire. One of my fathers neighbors in this house knew we were in the apartment. The firemen got us out of a burning building. When they entered my father was passed out.

My mom came the next day and saw this house burned up. She told my father he would never see me again until he got himself together.

My life was spared that day. Blessing #1

No my father has over 30 years in AA. Thank god I am very proud of him!!


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