Checking in!

Nothing much going on. I am waiting for my short sale to move through the channels. Father’s day is coming up. I sent my dad a card. He made me very resentful this week. Which is interesting with father’s day coming up. His wife died a few years ago. His wife not my mother being she is the ex-wife.

My father has no children with his wife. He has a lot of step children and grandchildren. Which I always been jealous of the grandchildren. They have had my father in a way I have never had him. Checking homework, school functions, picking up and dropping to school. My father never checked my homework or picked me up from school, and was not at many school functions.

Well he has given his 18-year-old step grandchild a car. His old car and bought another one. I have to say I was totally pissed. Then the young buck crashed the car after having it for three months. My father is fixing it to give it back to him. I said excuse me!!! I was totally upset. Then these bull shit words came out of his mouth. I would have done it for you. That is when I really got irate. He corrected himself. I didn’t have the means to do it for you. I knew there needed to be a lot of correction in that statement. I put myself through college. Meaning two or three-part time jobs at a time. I didn’t have my own car until I was 21. My grandmother left me a car when she died. I know I should let it go and I am a big girl. But I was very upset about this yesterday.

My father never understood how I felt about his additional family. He ignores what he does not want to see. It didn’t help that his wife and I hated each other. I can’t change what my father does with his money. I need to let it go but it is difficult. God help me. God in Devil out!!!


2 thoughts on “Checking in!

  1. My prayer for you…may God’s love fill your heart so full that you will feel truly treasured by your dad and others…

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