Staying positive round 2

No news is good news I guess. I haven’t heard anything from my bank or my realtor. I don’t know if that is good or bad. I emailed him for an update. I am going to call him today or tomorrow and see what is going on.

I am still working on being positive. Two friends had great things happen to them. One, her car was fixed for free which was great and a long story. Anytime you don’t have to pay money is a great day. Another friend moving violation was dismissed. Great things do happen. I have to believe they will happen to me also.

I am excited, nervous and every other emotion about my plans. Moving back to the place I ran away from. Boston is a very small place. Yes it is a city, but I went to first grade through college in Massachusetts. I know I will run into people left and right. It is not like when I moved to Atlanta. I was new and no one knew me. It was great.

I decided when I move home I am going to treat Boston like a new city I never been to. I am going to explore and try different things. I really didn’t appreciate the city when I was there. I meet people who say they love Boston. I can’t say that has been my experience. Maybe I haven’t taken the time or effort to love it. has a lot of groups I can join. Start a new social circle. I am going to be off and running when I finally get settled in my mother’s house. That is so humbling. Moving back to the house you were raised in. sacrifices had to be made to achieve all I want.

It is a positive my mother wants me home. She never wanted me to leave. I am her only child. We lived with my grandmother, so having everyone in a house is not a foreign concept.

I know my mom’s house and maybe Boston will not be my finally stop. It is a change for now.

First things first!!! Shortsale my house and move out!! That is going to be my prayer every night. That step one goes smoothly!!!


3 thoughts on “Staying positive round 2

  1. I like your perspective on treating Boston like a new city. That sounds like a great idea! And knowing it’s one step in your journey toward your dreams but not your last stop. I hope you get good news soon!

    • THank you. I am keeping up with your blog also. Even if I don’t comment often. Much Baby Dust!!! I hope it takes on the first try. I think that would be the greatest thing every!!!

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