Family Drama!

I asked myself after this weekend. Why do I want to move home? Am I insane? I called my mother to ask had she talked to my aunt . She hadn’t called me all day which is unusual.

I should have left dead dogs lie. I love my aunt. But over the years we have a love hate relationship. I have let a lot of resentments go where she is concern. That would mean something to her if she ever thought she did anything wrong. It is hard to say what you need to say, to someone who is the forever victim. A person who is very selfish and her pain trumps anyone elses.

She did something this weekend that hurt my soul so bad. Now my mom feels guilty for telling me what happened. I am the type that because we have the same blood does not give you a pass. I called her several times to discuss this. I did leave a very bad message on her answering machine. Which I was going to apologize about. She wouldn’t pick up the phone. I talked to my cousin about it. I felt bad putting him in the middle. But I have no one else to feel my pain.

She finally called me. For an emergency situation nothing to do with the issues. I tried to help and tried to discuss the issue and I got a I am sorry which she was yelling and didn’t sound sincere at all.  I yelled back you called me don’t yell at me. If she thinks I am accepting that apology she is on crack. I called my cousin and told him he better talk to her because I will never speak to her again. I hate to say it but he knows I will do it.

My cousin and I briefly talked and he said she was going to talk to me tomorrow. I will make it clear. I am not coming home to drama. We need to see what her explanation for herself is in this situation. I let a lot of things go with this aunt. This issue it isn’t going to happen. So we will see!! I am a grown woman and do not have to deal with crap.

Family does not get a pass to treat me like crap!!! We will see if she calls or not!! I am just so feed up. As a friend said you can pick your family you are just stuck with your family.


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