Hit me already!!

I am not sure when, what I am doing will hit me. I seem to have no feelings about leaving my house of ten years. My first spark of being an independent adult. I bought a house. I was 28 years old. It was so damn long ago. At least I don’t feel like a failure with the way I had to let go of the house. I didn’t start the housing market crash.

Thank god I have some place to go. I wish I had the money to head straight to Boston. I know it will be coming.

I am ready to make that complete change. My cousin just moved back to GA. She said she ran into folks from high school and they all looked old. Like they had hard lives. My life hasn’t been hard. It has been eventful. It will be very different to be back in the place I grew up. I haven’t kept in touch with many people. I am a different person from when I left.

I came home to have a baby or babies. My mother could careless why I came home just that I will be back. I am ready for a change and new experiences.  I am also scared to death. I made a life in this state. All alone and by myself. I created friendships and had my little world. Now I have to do that again!!! God help me!!


Moving sucks!




Newspapers B&W (3)


I am in packing hell. I was trying to find a Sunday newspaper to pack my glasses. Which actually are not mine. My cousin left them when he lived here. Of course when I looked for a newspaper no one had them. I was sick of driving from place to place. So I went to U-haul and bought the paper.




Ten years of my life is in boxes. I think I am going to change my college student minimalist persona. Which was really formed by cheap-nest. I know I have a lot of economic insecurities. It comes from having a mother who didn’t like to pay bills. Everything was threatened to be turned off from time to time. So I always felt saving was more important. So no vacations, or nice furniture.




When I am living with my mother my life will be upgraded. Especially when I get a job. I can buy the things I want without the worry some bill is not going to be paid.




Moving to Boston is scaring me. This is the place I wanted to leave so bad. My life did not turn out to my plan at all. I thought I would be married with several children by now. You plan god laughs. So true in my life.




My ex that I wanted to die several months ago, I decided to befriend again. Friend my be to drastic of a word. I want to let my resentments go and leave GA on a good note with everyone. He is actually going to come over and move some boxes. He did say he would miss me. I guess there is a difference of someone always being around to start over. Then in another state. I told him my baby plans are full on. I can’t wait on him!!




I am talking to guys online. Which might be a total waste of time. When I am financially ready to have my children It is on and popping. It is nice to get male attention!!




I am so blessed. I am getting out of this house. I cannot scream it enough.  I am still in love with my ex. I know it will never be and I need to break every thought of that. It is just hard. We always come back to each other. I know moving so far away will put a damper on us big time.




I want to reinvent myself when I get home. Not my personality per-SA, but I don’t want to be a homebody. I want to get out and enjoy life. Especially when I am a mother. My children and I will be out and about!!






A little over two weeks!

My life will be doing a complete change. I will soon be a roommate then moving back with moms. All this time of being on my own. I have to say I will be enjoying the roommate rent scale. I can’t beat that at all. I have a house of boxes. My back hurts again. Perfect timing right!!

I wish it was already done. Now I have to walk through the steps of freedom from this property. I thought I was terminally stuck. Now I know everything happens for a reason and god makes a way.

Everything is going according to plan. Actually faster than planned. My realtor did say it could take months on months. It took about two months. It would have been faster if they didn’t reject me the first time. Once closing is done and my stuff is moved. I am free, totally free!!!

I might be getting a little carried away. I still have bills and other responsibilities. But those things can travel with me. I don’t have to deal with any issues concerning a house. Which is a major form of freedom to me.

In my usual fashion I still buy scratch tickets. If I happen to hit I will definitely be leaving GA a lot sooner than expect. Hit!! Please Hit!! I am so ready to get this party started!!

My life in boxes!

I am packing away ten years of my life. I am finding a lot of things I forgot about. This is the first major move of my life. I didn’t have much before I bought this house. I had a 19 inch TV and books. My life has evolved over the years.

The lady at U-haul was not friendly. I gave her the wrong box information. Shit I don’t know large to X large boxes. It was an easy mistake. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then I asked her to help me bring them to my car. I am paying for service. She didn’t say anything. She did help but didn’t seem to happy about it. My mother is going to love all my stuff. We are about the same size. I might have to put the smack down on her wearing my stuff. I do have a lot of stuff. I need to lose 20 pounds and I can fit back into most of my clothes. I am working on it!!!

Renters have been coming by to look at the place. The lady who bought my house is letting me stay a few extra days. If I accommodate renters viewing the place. No big deal I am happy to help. She took the property off my hands. This couple came by yesterday. The man was very attractive to me. All I could think about was his blue eyes and friendly demeanor as they toured the house. It is hard to not tell the total truth. I only answered the question they asked. I didn’t go into to detail about my issues with the neighborhood. The woman was from Boston. We chatted a little about that. She wanted to know why I wanted to go back. I told her family obligations. Which is true on many levels.

On a different subject. I met this guy online. I believe he lives on my mothers street. How funny is that. We have only had one phone conversations and a few text messages. I am noticing very quickly I am putting in more effort. I know my being in another state men are not as interested. My neighbor told me when I move to take down my ad and put it back up. Make sence.

If I had the money I would not be worrying about internet dating at all. It is baby time!!! It would be nice to have guy friend. Especially if I need something like moving furniture setting up my WI-FI. I am sure my mother and I can work it out. It still would be nice to have another option if needed. So I am putting dude in the friend zone. I don’t chase men. My 20’s are over. I made enough of those mistakes back then. If he is interested he will show it. If not I will move on as usual.

I think I am becoming so cynical when it comes to men. I need to create a balance of keeping hope alive and being positive, And not being stuck on stupid because I like some guy!!!

Decisions, Decisions!!

Which moving company should I use. Boxes or bins. What should be given? What should stay?

Now the rubber hits the road. Three weeks I need to be out. Thank god for good friends and family. My cousin just moved back to town. So she is taking some of my furniture instead of good will. I decided on Two men and a Truck moving company. They were more expensive than the others I looked into. I got four different references from them that they were great. I rather spend more money and be satisfied then less money and be pissed off.

Today I am going to cancel my gym membership. Which I didn’t use at all. It was only ten bucks a month so I don’t feel that bad. I might join where I am going. My roommates have a membership. I will have someone to go with!!!.

I was thinking bins for clothes and shoes. I would usually do trash bags for such things. But with having a cross-country move later I need to do a little better. When a move is over in one day then trash bags work. The fact that I am not re packing my crap I need to do a little better. Change is coming! This is what I wanted!! I need to keep  reminding myself.

Nothing is ever easy!

I was so excited yesterday. I received a monetary prize from my job (Long Story) very much appreciated. I decided to upgrade my cell service. I have Metro PCS for the cost. I had read reviews. I know with my move and driving across country I needed something better. Plus the internet is so slow on my metro.

I went to the sprint store in the pouring rain. Clearly I was ready for my new toy!!! The sales guy tells me someone else is used my social security to get a phone. How about under a different name. My heart skipped several beats. WTF!! I don’t need this crap right now. Then he said they had a delinquent balance of 1,400 since 2008.

Now I looked at him completely crazy 2008. I check my credit report every year. Shit last year I had a 829 credit score. Granted with the house situation I don’t have that now. I had sprint about 12 years ago. He gave my the sprint fraud number and said to come back when it is cleared it.

Now I am in the pouring rain in my car on the phone with fraud protection. They tell me it isn’t a typo. Also on public record this person is using my SS#. Come on now. How the hell does two different people have the same social security number. Then he asked me where I was from. I told him Boston. He said this person lives there also.

No shit Sherlock. SSN# is based on location and year. Now I am having a freak out. He told me to file a police report. I ran down the road to the police station that records office was close. I didn’t know what to do so I called 911. I thought it was bit dramatic to call 911 but hey I didn’t know what the hell to do. They told me an officer would be calling me to take my report.

I ran home and went to Equifax website. I put a fraud alert on my account. Which updates to the two other agencies. Then armed with what the sprint guy said I went to the web with my SS# looking for this other person information. After I typed my SS# into one site, I realized this isn’t a good plan. I am inviting other fraudulent people in my life. So now I am paranoid I made the situation worse.

I added the Equifax fraud protection to my credit report. I am going to leave it on there for about six months. I don’t care if it is 19.95 I need peace of mind. So I printed out my credit report from Equifax, and Transunion. All looks good. Other than my current house situation. WTF !! Now I feel stupid! This has to be sprint doing!!

I called them first thing this morning to get to the bottom of it. They tell me again it is not a keying error. Excuse me how the fuck do they know that. They claim to have tools. Oh really I wonder what tools can tell you what happened in 2007. What if someone wrote it down wrong. Who the hell knowns. This fraud person was friendly opposed to the asshole I got the day before.

She put a fraud alert on that account. Now I have to go the sprint store with my SS card and a utility bill. Okay I have that just in case. I go to a sprint store at lunch. He is on the phone with fraud. They told me to tell the sales clerk to call them. I hear him I will inform the customer. I am thinking oh lawd some other crap.

He gets off and informs I need to go to a corporate store. The store I was in was an authorized dealer. SHIT SHIT SHIT. How the hell would I have known that. More, and more time wasted. Did I mention there are no dealers close to me. I am going to make the journey to one after work.

I called my credit union. I told the customer service rep I had a strange request. Could he run my social security number and see if someone else name is attached to it. He said I doubt it. First he can’t do it and he doubt that is what happened. Fraud is someone using your information not using their name and your social. I told him what happened and he said sprint did the same to him and his father. DAMN!!

I wasn’t happy it happened to him. I was happy I wasn’t alone. So I been asked why go with them. They are the cheapest. Credit Union guy said yeah what can you do. absolutely nothing!!!!

Final phase!

I signed the approval letter for my short sale. Thank you Jesus.

Now I have to focus on moving and when I will have to move. It could be as early as two-week. Yes I should have been packing and doing the necessary things to move. Clearly I did nothing. My friend said I don’t have much to move. I do tend to live like a college student. I need to go through ten years of crap. Starting this weekend. People will have to come and get their crap. My neighbor has stuff in my storage closet. She is getting a text to come and get it. Also I am giving my grill to another neighbor. He will have to come and get that. Not that I used it any how. My cousin left it when he moved. It would be great someone else can get some use out of it. The wheels are in motion. I can’t get off the bus now.

My mini move to a friend’s house. I haven’t been in a roommate situation in a long time. This should be interesting. I hope it all goes great. I am only going to be there for a few months. At most four. This is final phase of my paperwork. It actually went rather quickly. You wouldn’t know it with the stress I felt about the whole process.

I am ready to make the move home, but I have to do this in steps!! God give me the strength!!!

Good news keep on coming!

I won on my first Ebay auction. I wanted an HD camcorder. Nothing big or expensive. Something to do my Youtube with. Well I saw this camera I wanted. There were several out there on Ebay for about 30 bucks. I never use Ebay. I do have an account but never made any transactions. I decided to take a look and they had one for a bid of 7 bucks. I put in a maximum bid of 10 buck. Can I tell you, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I thought whatever I did I can’t go wrong with 10 bucks. I even asked someone the next day how this works. He said with my bid being so low I probably wouldn’t win.

I looked at it this morning it was up to $9.50. I thought he was right. Then an hour after I got to work I received an email. I am the winner of the auction sign in and pay. I was so excited. I paid more for the shipping than I did for the actual camera. How can you beat that.

Good things are happening. I have a friend who is waiting to hear if she got this job. I am praying she gets it for many reasons. Another person needed a used AC condenser and couldn’t find one. She asked for prayers of course I gave mine. They finally found one. I am starting to believe. I still have been negative thoughts. I did not want to come to work today. A friend told me it is because my leaving is coming I want it to happen now. He is right. I am not even out the house yet. It is on the way I know. I want everything yesterday. I really need to work on that.

Smiling Day 2

Smiley Face

Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My realtor finally got in touch with the bank. I do not have to re apply even thought we missed the date by one day. Yeppie!!! No more faxing 52 pages. No more pins and needles. This is going to happen. My baby is getting closer and closer. I know I have many hurdles before that. I am not even ready to think about all that.

I am excited about the new adventures of my life. The change of going back home. I have a friend at home who seems board. Well I told her I don’t mind going places by myself. Which is kind of lie. I use to not mind. Now I do a bit. So I will be dragging her along when I find things to do. She said she is up for it. We will see when I get there.

The sad part is that I still can’t move for a few months after I am out of my house. I need to save up some money. I can’t move anywhere totally broke. I have to eat. I still have bills to pay.  I am keeping hope alive that something else might materialize. Who knows!! Life is stranger than fiction.

I am smiling!

Boston - Back Bay: Boylston Street (Aerial)

Boston – Back Bay: Boylston Street (Aerial) (Photo credit: wallyg)

I am in a good place. I finally feel like good things are coming my way. I now have three people interested in purchasing my house. Which sucks for me in the sence that I bought a house that isn’t worth shit.

It does relieve me from this house and I can get to the rest of my life. Now with these three offers the bank is taking it time getting back to t my realtor. If it isn’t one thing it is another. I know it will work out. I am not ready to pack but ready to move. I know that doesn’t make much sence.

On a brighter note I have been the bell of the ball on the dating website. I had my neighbor look at my profile and give me suggestions. Well they worked. I took his suggestions, and now I am getting a lot of message each day. Granted I have put the location as Boston. It is nice to get message asking when will you be in town? Even thought that is literally months away.

Who knows if some money comes into my life it will be a lot sooner. I do have a winning scratch ticket. In my usual fashion I have no idea how much I won. Here is to keeping hope alive.