Fourth of July Plans

I have none. I am not sure if I am the loser with no friends? Or have I made myself such a recluse no one wants to ask me to do anything? I guess it is nice to be asked. Lately over the past year when I have been asked I said no. I am not interested in socializing. I don’t know where this is coming from. Except the things I want are so close and so far.

I am in a holding pattern as far as this house. Which put everything else on hold. I look online at jobs I would love to apply for in Boston. I can’t until I actually get there. I could but it would mess up my time-table and the things I need to do.

I know it will all come together. Positive is what I am working to achieve. I say this so much but it doesn’t seem to make it through my brian. I think I need to do better than good intentions. 🙂


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