Might be good news!

My realtor requested pictures. I have to clean up before taking them which is sad. I haven’t gotten much sleep with the dog sitting. I am not the cleanest person. Not dirty in any way but my house doesn’t look picture perfect every day. Visitor dog was barking again at 2am. So I am also very irritated today.

 My realtor said someone called about the property. I was so excited. He didn’t seem that thrilled. He said he doesn’t get excited until he see it actually happen.

Well I am excited and hope something comes through quick. I got a text they are coming to get visitor dog earlier then expected. He just wants to be loved and misses his owners. I am ready for him to go, so I can get my life back in order. Also get some sleep would be nice. It is too funny to see the two dogs interact. They don’t know it but eventually will be in the same household permanently.

I am going to keep praying and trying to be positive. I am on a mission to clean my house tonight. I need to clean the carpet and mop floors. Yes that type of cleaning. As soon as visiting dog is gone I am going to get to it. For picture purposes I am just moving things out the way to take the picture. I am cleaning just in case someone wants to come and see it. I need to stay prepared.

My cousin is moving back to Georgia. My Aunt keeps saying your coming home and she is moving back to Georgia. She moved here before me and went back home about seven years ago. She got into a major car accident on her way here. Thank god her and the kids are fine. God is working miracles. I saw her smashed up car on Facebook and thought to myself god was watching over her and her children today. See another reason to stay positive.


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