Smiling Day 2

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Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My realtor finally got in touch with the bank. I do not have to re apply even thought we missed the date by one day. Yeppie!!! No more faxing 52 pages. No more pins and needles. This is going to happen. My baby is getting closer and closer. I know I have many hurdles before that. I am not even ready to think about all that.

I am excited about the new adventures of my life. The change of going back home. I have a friend at home who seems board. Well I told her I don’t mind going places by myself. Which is kind of lie. I use to not mind. Now I do a bit. So I will be dragging her along when I find things to do. She said she is up for it. We will see when I get there.

The sad part is that I still can’t move for a few months after I am out of my house. I need to save up some money. I can’t move anywhere totally broke. I have to eat. I still have bills to pay.  I am keeping hope alive that something else might materialize. Who knows!! Life is stranger than fiction.


2 thoughts on “Smiling Day 2

  1. Yay Congrats! That’s great news. I’m happy for you! Maybe a job will come up now to let you move sooner…

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