Final phase!

I signed the approval letter for my short sale. Thank you Jesus.

Now I have to focus on moving and when I will have to move. It could be as early as two-week. Yes I should have been packing and doing the necessary things to move. Clearly I did nothing. My friend said I don’t have much to move. I do tend to live like a college student. I need to go through ten years of crap. Starting this weekend. People will have to come and get their crap. My neighbor has stuff in my storage closet. She is getting a text to come and get it. Also I am giving my grill to another neighbor. He will have to come and get that. Not that I used it any how. My cousin left it when he moved. It would be great someone else can get some use out of it. The wheels are in motion. I can’t get off the bus now.

My mini move to a friend’s house. I haven’t been in a roommate situation in a long time. This should be interesting. I hope it all goes great. I am only going to be there for a few months. At most four. This is final phase of my paperwork. It actually went rather quickly. You wouldn’t know it with the stress I felt about the whole process.

I am ready to make the move home, but I have to do this in steps!! God give me the strength!!!


3 thoughts on “Final phase!

  1. Congratulations!!! Wonderful news! One major step toward your goals. I hope your move to your friend’s goes smoothly. But take some time to celebrate! 🙂

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