Decisions, Decisions!!

Which moving company should I use. Boxes or bins. What should be given? What should stay?

Now the rubber hits the road. Three weeks I need to be out. Thank god for good friends and family. My cousin just moved back to town. So she is taking some of my furniture instead of good will. I decided on Two men and a Truck moving company. They were more expensive than the others I looked into. I got four different references from them that they were great. I rather spend more money and be satisfied then less money and be pissed off.

Today I am going to cancel my gym membership. Which I didn’t use at all. It was only ten bucks a month so I don’t feel that bad. I might join where I am going. My roommates have a membership. I will have someone to go with!!!.

I was thinking bins for clothes and shoes. I would usually do trash bags for such things. But with having a cross-country move later I need to do a little better. When a move is over in one day then trash bags work. The fact that I am not re packing my crap I need to do a little better. Change is coming! This is what I wanted!! I need to keep  reminding myself.


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