My life in boxes!

I am packing away ten years of my life. I am finding a lot of things I forgot about. This is the first major move of my life. I didn’t have much before I bought this house. I had a 19 inch TV and books. My life has evolved over the years.

The lady at U-haul was not friendly. I gave her the wrong box information. Shit I don’t know large to X large boxes. It was an easy mistake. She looked at me like I was crazy. Then I asked her to help me bring them to my car. I am paying for service. She didn’t say anything. She did help but didn’t seem to happy about it. My mother is going to love all my stuff. We are about the same size. I might have to put the smack down on her wearing my stuff. I do have a lot of stuff. I need to lose 20 pounds and I can fit back into most of my clothes. I am working on it!!!

Renters have been coming by to look at the place. The lady who bought my house is letting me stay a few extra days. If I accommodate renters viewing the place. No big deal I am happy to help. She took the property off my hands. This couple came by yesterday. The man was very attractive to me. All I could think about was his blue eyes and friendly demeanor as they toured the house. It is hard to not tell the total truth. I only answered the question they asked. I didn’t go into to detail about my issues with the neighborhood. The woman was from Boston. We chatted a little about that. She wanted to know why I wanted to go back. I told her family obligations. Which is true on many levels.

On a different subject. I met this guy online. I believe he lives on my mothers street. How funny is that. We have only had one phone conversations and a few text messages. I am noticing very quickly I am putting in more effort. I know my being in another state men are not as interested. My neighbor told me when I move to take down my ad and put it back up. Make sence.

If I had the money I would not be worrying about internet dating at all. It is baby time!!! It would be nice to have guy friend. Especially if I need something like moving furniture setting up my WI-FI. I am sure my mother and I can work it out. It still would be nice to have another option if needed. So I am putting dude in the friend zone. I don’t chase men. My 20’s are over. I made enough of those mistakes back then. If he is interested he will show it. If not I will move on as usual.

I think I am becoming so cynical when it comes to men. I need to create a balance of keeping hope alive and being positive, And not being stuck on stupid because I like some guy!!!


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