Hit me already!!

I am not sure when, what I am doing will hit me. I seem to have no feelings about leaving my house of ten years. My first spark of being an independent adult. I bought a house. I was 28 years old. It was so damn long ago. At least I don’t feel like a failure with the way I had to let go of the house. I didn’t start the housing market crash.

Thank god I have some place to go. I wish I had the money to head straight to Boston. I know it will be coming.

I am ready to make that complete change. My cousin just moved back to GA. She said she ran into folks from high school and they all looked old. Like they had hard lives. My life hasn’t been hard. It has been eventful. It will be very different to be back in the place I grew up. I haven’t kept in touch with many people. I am a different person from when I left.

I came home to have a baby or babies. My mother could careless why I came home just that I will be back. I am ready for a change and new experiences.  I am also scared to death. I made a life in this state. All alone and by myself. I created friendships and had my little world. Now I have to do that again!!! God help me!!


One thought on “Hit me already!!

  1. I understand at least some of what you’re feeling! I’ve moved a couple of times and totally started over. It takes a while to get used to it and find your place, so try and be patient with yourself. I have a lot of admiration that you are making sacrifices and taking bold action to get to the goals that are most important to you. I’m imagining there will be some really nice things about being close to all your family out there again (they’ll probably drive you crazy sometimes too! 🙂 I know it’s a huge change!

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