What makes me a Cougar?

This 26-year-old guy wants to take me out. Okay he isn’t in high school. I didn’t date men in their twenties when I was in my twenties. I have always gone for older men. No I don’t have a daddy issue. Yes I have dated some men my age at different times of my life.

I am 37 years old. This boy is 26.

Hey Mrs. Robinson are you trying to seduce me!!!.

He is to young to even know that reference. It does put a smile on my face, and give my ego a boost. He is a very handsome Indian guy. On his profile he likes things like sky diving, white water rafting. Okay I am not into any of that stuff. I went white water rafting one time. I don’t know what crack I was smoking to agree to that. I was scared to death the whole time. I will never, ever,ever do that again. I need to be on solid ground. So no sky diving either. Did I mention no camping. Sleeping outside does not seem fun to me. It brings me back to girl scout camp. The biggest mistake of my life. I begged my mom to let me go with a friend. She really didn’t have the thousand dollars to send me. Where she found the money, I have no idea.

By the second week the friend I went with  and I were not talking. Then we had to sleep in tents. That raccoons would go in and out of. I am not miss wilderness. I need shelter and indoor plumbing.

The young buck lives in Boston. So no need to worry about this anytime soon. I figure out the plan by the time I move. If he is still interested by then. He does put a smile on my face!!!


Dating world!

Well I want to have a date while I am still in Georgia. A little attention wouldn’t hurt. I changed my dating profile to GA for one day. I did receive a lot of attention. The one gorgeous guy was very upset with me because I didn’t remember his name. I don’t have time for men’s egos. I am not some ugly mud duck waiting for you to pay attention to me. I do get a lot of responses online. I can’t keep all of them straight. I also shouldn’t be required to. They fade so quickly. So if he so set back because I couldn’t remember his name, I could careless!!. In my defence he wrote it in his first email. We were email all day. By the time six hours had passed I didn’t remember what he wrote six hours prior. Oh Well!

Well this other guy took an interest. He has long hair. I don’t know what my rock star attraction is these days. I was staring at this guy with long hair at the gym the other day. The guy online is a Lawyer and wanted to know if we can go for coffee. I gave him my number. He hasn’t called. That’s why I don’t take much stalk with men online.

Military dude is alive because he is still posting on Facebook. No I am not stalking him. It showed up on my wall. Why did I accept his friendship invitation on Facebook?  I surely don’t remember why the hell I did that. I unfriended him. Clearly he isn’t interested in me enough to stay in contact. I don’t need him on my friend list. I never met the man. It isn’t that serious so un friending him shouldn’t hurt his feeling at all.

The ego’s of men have surprised me over the years. I am sure I am safe on that front. I am sick of my job. I am so ready to start my real move out of Georgia. I know it all I complain about these days.

God is on my side. My realtor called me yesterday. He commented how we performed a small miracle to get rid of my house. I am thankful believe me I am. I will be jumping over the moon if I had enough money to do all the things I want to do. It is coming I know.

On the Boston front. When I switched my profile back. This cop hit me up. A very sexy cop. Police in Boston do have a reputation of being whores. Who knows I will give him a chance. What can he do to me now, I am in Georgia. My life has been pretty uneventful. I might go out this weekend. I need to find something to wear. Which is always my struggle. It is time to enjoy life!!

I am still here!

I am still in Georgia. I am going to be here for a while. I am only two weeks into my saving plan. Military dude has totally flown the coop. Which is totally fine. He was a nice fantasy for the moment.

My boss officially is gone, so my work load has increased greatly. I rolling with the punches and trying to stay ahead of everything.

I met a new guy online in Georgia. I need some entertainment for my last few months. He asked for my number but hasn’t called yet.

My living situation has been better than I could have ever expected. I am very blessed to have such good friends. All in all no complaints. A whole bunch of money wouldn’t hurt!!!

Things are good!

My living situation has been great so far. I am glad it is working out. . It makes life a lot easier. The money situation isn’t happening as quickly as I would like.  I have no patience and wish it was tomorrow. I am ready for everything to begin.

My mom and her crazy antics have me concerned about moving home. I have to keep saying it is for a purpose. I want babies. Military man resurfaced for a minute. He called twice in one day. Shocked was my name. Now I haven’t heard from him in two days. Easy come easy go. I am not chasing. So we will see how things workout.

I always feel like there is not enough hours in a day. I am not getting enough accomplished. All my dreams differed by my procrastination. I haven’t been playing my Sims 3 game at all. I might have to turn it on tonight.

My boss has officially left. I am not taking the positions for several reasons. One of the biggest is the headaches, and no equal pay for the headaches. He said he would call me if a position opens up. I didn’t tell the VP what he said.  Then in a different conversation the VP said he better not try to steal her employee or he wouldn’t have seen mad. So much drama.

I know she appreciates me. Paying me is a different story. I also feel her hands are tied in many ways. Only a select group know about my moving. So far they all have kept it quiet. Thank god, I don’t need any more problems. I scratched  four tickets and won 15 bucks. Not the amount I need to go but it was something. I am keeping hope alive for my wind fall!!! I want my dreams out of deferment.

First Week Complete!!

I made it my first week in my new living situation. I am so grateful they took me in. It is hard to explain but I have a hard time letting people do anything for me. I always over show my appreciation. It is a character defect to let others help me. I guess I feel undeserving. I am always the one to help others. I really need to work on that.

Now to the bad news. Pedro has fleas. Yes the poor thing has major issues. I noticed him scratching but I didn’t think it was unusual. I have been lazy putting the treatments on him. I never had these issue where I lived. But their yard is a big wilderness wonderland.

When I noticed it I put down my lunch and threw him in the tub. I gave him a bath. It didn’t complete kill them. I still saw them. Damn cheap Hartz crap I got from Wal-Mart. I had to look for my more expensive stuff. I gave him a treatment of Bio Spot. Then I immediately went online and ordered frontline plus. I found it cheap on ThirftyVet.com. It was a third of the price. He did stop scratching. I still didn’t like seeing them. My impulsive self need to give the bio spot a chance to work. No dice (it is me we are talking about). I immediately found a groomers. He is looking like a little bear. So he is going tomorrow. My roommate is going to take him. Yeah for roommates. They will cut all that hair off and give him a flea bath. Now you know that isn’t enough for me. I also purchased CAPSTAR. This is supposed to kill everything on him in 30 mins. I found out about it calling groomers. One lady said if he had them real bad she would give him this. I called Petsmart and Petco, both were totally out. That is when I thought this must be some good stuff. So I called a Vet and took a trip during my lunch break. I bought five pills. Not to keep using. Just to have incase I see another out break. Now I am going to keep up on his treatments. I also need to get his shots very soon. One groomers wouldn’t even see him because of his shots.

My roommates and I are going to do both our dogs on the same day. Which will be in September. His last shots were 8/14/2012. One damn month I thought come on really.

I really been hitting the gym. Not a big accomplishment. When I am still doing it a month from now. Then I can start the me parade!!

Today is not a good day!

Today is one of those days. I have been feeling like I am ready to leave my job. I can’t at the moment. It is a means to an end. But I feel so under valued and under paid. You know how the people hired after you make more money. Well it didn’t bother me before. It bothers me now. My co-worker has less work and is called to do additional work a lot less than I am. They rather call the person who knows how to do it. Then train the person who job it is!!

I talked to my boss and let her know I do not want to do his job. She agreed and said she would no longer do that. We will see. Proof is in the action. I think a big part of this is I am tired of what I do and don’t know what to do about it.

I know the economy sucks. I know I should be grateful to have a job. But shit it pisses me off. I have a right to be pissed.

I wasn’t going to the gym today. I might go to work out my frustration. I am going to scratch all my tickets tonight. Maybe my frown will turn upside down. I am ready to move to Boston and make my babies. I also am sick of my profession and praying for a change to come into my life soon!!!

Next Step!!

I am ready for my big move. I know I have to be patient. Things have worked out better than I could have ever expected. I only won 50 bucks on my scratch ticket. See the fantasy is so much better than the reality. I had some great fantasy time with how much I could possible win.

I am looking forward to saving money. It will be great to see the bank account go up and not down.

Easy come easy go with Military Man. I think my fantasy was better than the reality. So far conversation has been very dry and non exciting. I need enthusiasm. Yes he might be tried. But I am not going to beg for attention. I have had enough relationships where I did that. Never again. I want someone into me. I am not going to accept anything less.

This west indian woman told me something years ago. You should alway find someone who likes you more than you like him. I really didn’t understand that back then. I totally get it now. It spares on a lot of drama. Wonder what he think, How does he feel. Military Man is a door that might never be opened.

Oh well easy come easy go. That is how men have always been in my life. Especially any person I meet of the internet. They are a dime a dozen. I have other things to focus on. Getting in shape. I have been hitting the gym. Okay I have been twice. I am going today. I even have my clothes in my car so I don’t have to go home first.

I want to feel good about myself. Getting tone up will do that.

I don’t know if Military Man is totally history. I know my calling him is over. We will see what he does with that. Chasing men is something I avoid. The moment I notice I am calling and keeping in contact a lot more than the other person. I cut it off. I am done with men wanting to be chased. Find someone else to do it. I have got off that bus a long while ago!! It keeps me happier and less stressed.

Here is to no stress. Other than work.( A long Story there!!!)

Get out of my name!!

Turning off everything and getting bills out of my name has been a big hassle. I took Monday off to take care of all that. Two hours on the phone and I made a big dent in these bills.

When you hit the automated button to cancel that means sit on hold for 20 mins are longer. ADT was the worst. They want you to move the service. I moved into a roommate situation. I don’t want to move anything just cut it off. Being somewhere ten years, I don’t even remember this process prior.

Comcast won’t stop billing until they receive their equipment. I would have dropped it off if they had any close offices. No luck there. Then the guy on the phone said if I dropped it off it can be a long wait when I get there. Hell no, Gas and a whole bunch of time wasted. I opted for them to pick it up from my job. You know they give you a range of time. 8-11 is my time. I had my cell on me all the time. Which is a big pain in the ass. My phone is huge and I have it in my pocket to be johnny on the spot when they call. Now it is 11:40 and he isn’t here yet. I called and was told he was held up should be here before noon.

I am no longer a customer so I guess they don’t care if they are late!! The commercial promises you get compensated if they are late. I don’t even care just come get this crap out of trunk and stop billing me.

It is lovely to have nothing in my name. I am going to enjoy every min of it.

Military Man!!

I have been asked to tell more about Military Man. I met him online. He lives in CT. Since I am moving back to Boston this particular website match me with all of New England.

New Hampshire, Maine, RI and CT. So I sent him a flirt. To my delight he responded. All my life I have had a big attraction to Latino Men. He is a sexy Dominican. Talking to I realized  he does not even realize how attractive he is. He also has green eyes which adds to his sexyiness.

We have had a handful of conversation. None of these included sexual topics. That really put him on the top of my list. He is divorced with one child. In the Military and plans to retire in the Military. I told my aunt I was going to marry him and move to CT. She said just have a baby. I told her stop fucking with my fantasy. Presently the man is in CT and I am in GA. Who knows what could happen. I can’t predict the future and neither can she.

I am not totally crazy!! Nothing could come from this at all. I am enjoying the attention. We are also Facebook friends. Which he post funny videos of himself which had me on the floor laughing. I could end up with a Sexy Dominican Military friend. Or shit he could be my husband and father to my children!!

I am still on the single mother by choice ban wagon. It has not left yet. The funny thing is he said he would have no problem being a donor. I was shocked. I didn’t bring up the topic. He was talking about a Lesbian friend he would help out if she wanted to get pregnant. Does he not sound perfect!! Yes he does!! I am going to enjoy the attention and what ever happens, happens. Believe me I still have the cryobank on speed dial!!

I am loving my living situation. My roommates walk my dog. I am really free!! He is spoiled and still doesn’t listen. There dog is the ruler and my dog falls in line. Now he mimics their dog. It is hilarious. I also went to Planet Fitness for about an hour and half. My food has been great. It is a wonder what freedom does for a person.

So I haven’t scratch my ticket. I am going to do it tonight. It could be a game changer!! Here is to changing the GAME!!!

I am free!!

Nuke Everything and Start Over

My short sale went through. I have moved. Thank god!! At the last min I was required to pay another 1,100 bucks. I wasn’t prepared but thank god I had it. My savings is depleted but I can start over. I have officially moved into my new roommate situation. $400 bucks later and ten years of my life has been moved to two rooms of my friend’s house.

I joined the gym and plan to use it. The young Latino guy at the gym desk was flirting with me. I have to say I enjoyed it. The Military Man has not been attentive this weekend. He said he had to work during the weekend. I put on the sad face. I do like him.

My room is almost put together. My new life begins and I am working on getting ready for it. I finally separated myself from that house. I have to turn everything off tomorrow. Then the separation will be complete.