Get out of my name!!

Turning off everything and getting bills out of my name has been a big hassle. I took Monday off to take care of all that. Two hours on the phone and I made a big dent in these bills.

When you hit the automated button to cancel that means sit on hold for 20 mins are longer. ADT was the worst. They want you to move the service. I moved into a roommate situation. I don’t want to move anything just cut it off. Being somewhere ten years, I don’t even remember this process prior.

Comcast won’t stop billing until they receive their equipment. I would have dropped it off if they had any close offices. No luck there. Then the guy on the phone said if I dropped it off it can be a long wait when I get there. Hell no, Gas and a whole bunch of time wasted. I opted for them to pick it up from my job. You know they give you a range of time. 8-11 is my time. I had my cell on me all the time. Which is a big pain in the ass. My phone is huge and I have it in my pocket to be johnny on the spot when they call. Now it is 11:40 and he isn’t here yet. I called and was told he was held up should be here before noon.

I am no longer a customer so I guess they don’t care if they are late!! The commercial promises you get compensated if they are late. I don’t even care just come get this crap out of trunk and stop billing me.

It is lovely to have nothing in my name. I am going to enjoy every min of it.


2 thoughts on “Get out of my name!!

  1. I apologize for the trouble. I work for Comcast and I will be happy to help in making sure that the box is picked up. You can contact me (provide your former account info, best contact number and a link to this page) if you’re interested in my help.

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations

    • They were an hour late. I am over it. I want to no longer be charged. We will see how long that takes. I haven’t always had the greatest luck with comcast this is nothing new!!

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