Next Step!!

I am ready for my big move. I know I have to be patient. Things have worked out better than I could have ever expected. I only won 50 bucks on my scratch ticket. See the fantasy is so much better than the reality. I had some great fantasy time with how much I could possible win.

I am looking forward to saving money. It will be great to see the bank account go up and not down.

Easy come easy go with Military Man. I think my fantasy was better than the reality. So far conversation has been very dry and non exciting. I need enthusiasm. Yes he might be tried. But I am not going to beg for attention. I have had enough relationships where I did that. Never again. I want someone into me. I am not going to accept anything less.

This west indian woman told me something years ago. You should alway find someone who likes you more than you like him. I really didn’t understand that back then. I totally get it now. It spares on a lot of drama. Wonder what he think, How does he feel. Military Man is a door that might never be opened.

Oh well easy come easy go. That is how men have always been in my life. Especially any person I meet of the internet. They are a dime a dozen. I have other things to focus on. Getting in shape. I have been hitting the gym. Okay I have been twice. I am going today. I even have my clothes in my car so I don’t have to go home first.

I want to feel good about myself. Getting tone up will do that.

I don’t know if Military Man is totally history. I know my calling him is over. We will see what he does with that. Chasing men is something I avoid. The moment I notice I am calling and keeping in contact a lot more than the other person. I cut it off. I am done with men wanting to be chased. Find someone else to do it. I have got off that bus a long while ago!! It keeps me happier and less stressed.

Here is to no stress. Other than work.( A long Story there!!!)


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