First Week Complete!!

I made it my first week in my new living situation. I am so grateful they took me in. It is hard to explain but I have a hard time letting people do anything for me. I always over show my appreciation. It is a character defect to let others help me. I guess I feel undeserving. I am always the one to help others. I really need to work on that.

Now to the bad news. Pedro has fleas. Yes the poor thing has major issues. I noticed him scratching but I didn’t think it was unusual. I have been lazy putting the treatments on him. I never had these issue where I lived. But their yard is a big wilderness wonderland.

When I noticed it I put down my lunch and threw him in the tub. I gave him a bath. It didn’t complete kill them. I still saw them. Damn cheap Hartz crap I got from Wal-Mart. I had to look for my more expensive stuff. I gave him a treatment of Bio Spot. Then I immediately went online and ordered frontline plus. I found it cheap on It was a third of the price. He did stop scratching. I still didn’t like seeing them. My impulsive self need to give the bio spot a chance to work. No dice (it is me we are talking about). I immediately found a groomers. He is looking like a little bear. So he is going tomorrow. My roommate is going to take him. Yeah for roommates. They will cut all that hair off and give him a flea bath. Now you know that isn’t enough for me. I also purchased CAPSTAR. This is supposed to kill everything on him in 30 mins. I found out about it calling groomers. One lady said if he had them real bad she would give him this. I called Petsmart and Petco, both were totally out. That is when I thought this must be some good stuff. So I called a Vet and took a trip during my lunch break. I bought five pills. Not to keep using. Just to have incase I see another out break. Now I am going to keep up on his treatments. I also need to get his shots very soon. One groomers wouldn’t even see him because of his shots.

My roommates and I are going to do both our dogs on the same day. Which will be in September. His last shots were 8/14/2012. One damn month I thought come on really.

I really been hitting the gym. Not a big accomplishment. When I am still doing it a month from now. Then I can start the me parade!!


2 thoughts on “First Week Complete!!

  1. Fleas would gross me out too. Congrats on moving and your first week!

    Sorry to hear about military man, I just read that post. Maybe he really was tired? But if it’s a pattern, then I agree, that’s no good. It needs to feel mutual and relatively balanced.

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