Things are good!

My living situation has been great so far. I am glad it is working out. . It makes life a lot easier. The money situation isn’t happening as quickly as I would like.  I have no patience and wish it was tomorrow. I am ready for everything to begin.

My mom and her crazy antics have me concerned about moving home. I have to keep saying it is for a purpose. I want babies. Military man resurfaced for a minute. He called twice in one day. Shocked was my name. Now I haven’t heard from him in two days. Easy come easy go. I am not chasing. So we will see how things workout.

I always feel like there is not enough hours in a day. I am not getting enough accomplished. All my dreams differed by my procrastination. I haven’t been playing my Sims 3 game at all. I might have to turn it on tonight.

My boss has officially left. I am not taking the positions for several reasons. One of the biggest is the headaches, and no equal pay for the headaches. He said he would call me if a position opens up. I didn’t tell the VP what he said.  Then in a different conversation the VP said he better not try to steal her employee or he wouldn’t have seen mad. So much drama.

I know she appreciates me. Paying me is a different story. I also feel her hands are tied in many ways. Only a select group know about my moving. So far they all have kept it quiet. Thank god, I don’t need any more problems. I scratched  four tickets and won 15 bucks. Not the amount I need to go but it was something. I am keeping hope alive for my wind fall!!! I want my dreams out of deferment.


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