What makes me a Cougar?

This 26-year-old guy wants to take me out. Okay he isn’t in high school. I didn’t date men in their twenties when I was in my twenties. I have always gone for older men. No I don’t have a daddy issue. Yes I have dated some men my age at different times of my life.

I am 37 years old. This boy is 26.

Hey Mrs. Robinson are you trying to seduce me!!!.

He is to young to even know that reference. It does put a smile on my face, and give my ego a boost. He is a very handsome Indian guy. On his profile he likes things like sky diving, white water rafting. Okay I am not into any of that stuff. I went white water rafting one time. I don’t know what crack I was smoking to agree to that. I was scared to death the whole time. I will never, ever,ever do that again. I need to be on solid ground. So no sky diving either. Did I mention no camping. Sleeping outside does not seem fun to me. It brings me back to girl scout camp. The biggest mistake of my life. I begged my mom to let me go with a friend. She really didn’t have the thousand dollars to send me. Where she found the money, I have no idea.

By the second week the friend I went with  and I were not talking. Then we had to sleep in tents. That raccoons would go in and out of. I am not miss wilderness. I need shelter and indoor plumbing.

The young buck lives in Boston. So no need to worry about this anytime soon. I figure out the plan by the time I move. If he is still interested by then. He does put a smile on my face!!!


3 thoughts on “What makes me a Cougar?

  1. That’s awesome! 🙂 Glad you’re getting some fun attention!

    You cracked me up with your description of white water rafting and camping. Raccoons, ha! I’m with you on the shelter and indoor plumbing, for sure!

  2. Hey I’m 40 and I the last guy I had considered was 27. I used to date much older men, and to think of all the time I wasted on them I feel it’s time to enjoy the young ones now that I’m a gal of a certain age. BTW you are not a cougar yet, maybe a cougar in training…lol Have fun.

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