I am still here!!

I have been busy!! Especially at work, which is where I usually type my blogs!!( Did I say that) LOL.

Life has not been that interesting. Many men online, no dates. I think I am attractive. It is funny to me how, I get so much attention. Then they have this failure to launch. Oh well can’t do anything about it and don’t care. I want my babies. The more I deal with these foolish ass men. The more I think of being a SMC.

Everyone keeps asking me when am I moving. Okay my aunt keeps asking. I told her if she wants to open her check book and give to the move back home fund, I will be home very quickly.

The truth is I support myself. I need to strategically handle my finances before going anywhere.

My roommate situation has been lovely. They are great. They make me feel welcome. Because I feel like they are helping me so much. I try to be as helpful as possible. I always wash my dishes and pitch in with the dogs. I don’t keep my room straight all the time. I feel that is my room so that is okay. It isn’t dirty or anything. Thank god for good friends.

I have been working out but played hooky yesterday. I am going to get back on track tomorrow. I want that beach body. I don’t know if that is going to happen without surgery. Best believe if I had surgery money I would get it done without a thought. Well after I give birth. No reason to mess up a perfectly good tummy tuck!!

All in all life is good. The only thing standing in my way is cold hard cash. My aunt is coming to visit me this week. We should have fun or she will drive me crazy. I am hoping for the fun part! She is my mother’s twin sister and drama is her name. I love her a lot but she could drive someone to drink!!


One thought on “I am still here!!

  1. Internet dating can be quite a let down. Happy to hear your roommate situation is going so well. I look forward to storie about your week with your aunt – she sounds feisty! 🙂

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