Yesterday was different!

I think I am an attractive girl. But two men gave me a compliment yesterday. Both in gas stations. One guy stopped me and told me I was beautiful and the other guy tried to get my phone number. He wasn’t my type so my I have a boyfriend answer flew out my mouth. But damn it is nice to get some male attention.

New guy did call. I was going to call him short guy. But for this blog I am going to call him Dee. Dee actually returned my phone call. He was going to a comedy show. His birthday was the other day. Sounds like his friends are taking him out for the big 41.

I asked him to invite some guy friends to my friends birthday party on Saturday. I am looking forward to dressing up and shaking what my mama gave me!!.

I need a night of fun. I made it to 19 days of working out. I am so proud of myself. I usually flake by now. I wasn’t going to go yesterday but changed my mind out of guilt. I don’t care why I showed up but glad I did.

My SMC friend and I had a pity party yesterday of why aren’t we married and blah, blah. No need to go into it. It is nice to have someone to feel your pain.  If another married friend tells me marriage isn’t all that again I will scream my head off.

Dee has big dreams of us working out. At least that is what he told me on our date. I think I need to be more optimistic than I usually am. Who knows right!! I thought I would be married with  two kids by now.  So clearly I don’t know shit.

My sudden attention from men might be from my new makeup mission. I have always been a tom boy and never really wore makeup. Unless going out. Well I got into wearing makeup daily. I love YouTube. I found this girl who has a lot of tutorials that has hooked me up. I feel like I actually know something. With my new phone I watch a few of her tutorials  before I go to bed. It does make me feel better about myself. My skin was breaking out bad. So with the make up you can’t see it anymore. Thank god.

Check her out!!


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