I know I am not crazy!!!

Mr Dee or short guy has shown his ass. To me it is shocking he showed his ass in three days. I am going to start from the beginning. He emailed me out of the blue after about two years. He found me online after I blew him off several years before. Then two years after that I get an email saying I was thinking about you. He invited me out to dinner for his birthday. I told him my plans including the baby. He started with you aren’t moving in five months. Me and you are going to make it happen (in so many words) I am going to have to call your parents and tell them you aren’t coming blah blah blah. So big talk I invited him to my friends 40’s birthday party. He said he wanted to go.

Well I had to call this fool three times to find out he wasn’t going to this party. The first time to make sure he got the address. Then he tells me he is going to a friends party and will bring the guys from there to this party. Okay that sounds good. Second time he mentions nothing. Then an hour and half before the party is over I text him. He says save me a dance. I say you are on your way. Then you will not believe this shit. I am not going to make it. I was like WTF!!!

Common curtsey is something always lacking in the men I meet. But it gets worse. I am not a chick to put up with crap or hold my tongue. I told him I wouldn’t be going to the movies. Then it seemed he still didn’t get the point. I then text!! (god forbid a man can have an argument verbally, Since texting all these punks hide behind their cell phones) I let him know he was not the guy for me and good luck in your search.

You know this asshole said I wasn’t trying to make you my woman. You said you were leaving in five months. You just wanted someone to hang out with. Now I don’t know this guy. Maybe he smokes crack in his free time. But that is exactly what he said. I am going to have to call your parents to tell them you aren’t going back to Boston. Also did I mention after he stood me up. The next text was are were you missing me today.

I know I am not crazy. God spared me from this punk ass fool. I just can’t see how this can all go down in three days. Then you wonder why I want to be a Single Mother by choice.


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