Lottery Dreams!!


I know I day-dream a lot. I did that even before I got into playing the lottery. I believe it is the Pisces in me. I always had a great fantasy world.

I talked to my dad yesterday. He said he was one number away from winning the 100k on Mass cash. I was thinking damn that could have been my ticket out. I asked him and how much would you have given me. Of course I get the “there you go again “LOL. He ended up with 250 bucks. Nothing that would help me in the long run presently. Then he said” if you win what would you give me. I said what do you want”. He comes back with “nothing I am fine.”

My mother and father both are not takers. They are really givers. My mother more so than my father. My fathering being very very cheap. I am cheap so I guess I get that from him.

My lack of patients had me in my dream world more often. I am not crazy I know the difference between reality and fantasy. I don’t want any of my friends calling some service to come get me because they read this blog.

There is nothing wrong with dreams. What would I do if I had no dreams. I would have nothing to expire toward. Dreaming puts a smile on my face in many ways. Sometimes it has help me get through a hellish work day. Which I have had more than usually do to I am ready to go to the next phase of my life.

Life is full of surprises. I know my life has been stranger than fiction. I couldn’t have dreamed most of this shit up.  So for now I am enjoying my freedom of fantasy!!!



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