Death of a stranger

I am a YouTube fanatic. Daily I watch the video of the people I subscribe to. Sometimes I am envious of there lives. You know the same as with Facebook  Well this one couple mention that a Vlogger died. Her husband posted her death during child-birth. I was thrown back. I went to her channel immediately  She was posting about her natural hair journey. Also keeping a video log of her pregnancy. The last post was her saying everything with her and the baby were fine. Wow!!! I thought. How life can change on a dime. You never know what is in your future. When things like that happen I work on being grateful  Which I have a lot of things to be grateful for.

The baby made it and is ICU. Now a father is left with two children. An eight year old and a newborn. The whole this is very sad. I am going to pray for that family!!!



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