Nothing much here!!

Not much going on in my life. I actually go to bed pretty early most nights. My roommates take care of my dog. So my responsibility are pretty small these days. My dog loves them a lot. Which I love and slightly jealous. They also feed him all kinds of food he never got with me. He also sleeps on there bed and is spoiled beyond belief by them. So clearly he might miss me but he will be fine.

I actually need to get a life. I know it seems lame. But I feel like my life will begin once I am in Massachusetts. Ready to do all I have been planning for. I swear weekly I get the question when are you coming back. Right now February is the month. When I am not to sure. It is creeping up quick.

I still have many unscracted, scratched tickets. I am going to get to that tonight. I think I would be pissed off if I had some money I didn’t know about. LMAO!!!!!



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