Getting Fat and not happy!!

Milk Shake


My size 12 are getting tight. I know the road this is taking me. I am not happy. Is it my fault. YES!! Still not happy about it.


I was talking to a friend from the very restrictive program I was in for six years. I still might go back to. Presently taking a break from.


Well we decided to help each other. We created our diet plan. I have gotten into snacking. I don’t think that is a bad thing. Per say!! Yes it is when we are talking chips and other junk food.


So our plan is pretty much the plan that got me to a small size 8. With a few exceptions. Such as fruit is used for snacks. Some fruits will not be added. Banana  watermelon and a few others.


We will talk every night about the next day. The key we decided is honesty. I am excited she is not!!!. The funny thing is this all started from what I read last night. From the book Think like a thin person. It stated there are two types of thin people. The one who is naturally thin. Then the other that works at it. The one who works at it will restrict their diet if they eat too much at one meal or gain weight. People with weight problems complain about not being allowed to eat what they want.


I thought it was hilarious  So did my friend. We are both complainers of not being thin and allowed to eat what we want. So when I told her about the book she busted out laughing. I knew she would. We are both in the same boat with it.


So we start on Saturday. I am going grocery shopping tomorrow to get ready. You know as always when I am ready to start again. I have to say my good bye’s to my food. I love ice cream milk shakes. I always get sugar-free ice cream. I am going to stop at Brewster s on the way home.


My roommate and I have been car pooling and I let her know that will be a stop. I have to say my good byes. I hope I don’t say good-bye and hello in the next week.



2 thoughts on “Getting Fat and not happy!!

  1. Do you reward yourself after a good week? I’m a life timer at ww, and that always encourages me, my treat at the end of the week 🙂

    I had what I like to call a ‘fat christmas’, been back at it and have lost almost all the weight gained. I’m going back to the gym and want to lose another 5. Ugh. Good Luck!

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