Good and Bad!

I found an apartment. I haven’t seen it yet. A co-worker lived there for five years. An ex co-worker lives there now. Ex co workers mother also moved into her own apartment in the complex. Makes me feel a lot better and confident to move in there. She said it was a great palace for people in transition.

The lease is easy to break. 60 day notice and one month rent. Works for me, I can deal with that.

What I am having a hard time dealing with is going home today. The cause of the problems is back today. I really don’t want to be there but have no other option. I am not paying for a hotel. I hate drama. Let me say it again I hate drama with a passion.

I figured out I am to old for the roommate situation. I have learned my lesson. It was a good experience in the beginning. When I thought back so was my last roommate situation.

I hope my friend and I end up unscathed out of this situation. So far so good. I am ready to go today, but I know that isn’t possible.

My best guess is I will be gone in two weeks. So I have to live with a crazy person for two weeks. I am not happy about this circumstance. Big girl panties once again.

In the world of good news my consultation is tomorrow and I can’t wait. I did take the whole day off. I had so many vacation days I thought why not. Which I regret because someone will be home. I wanted to hang  out and relax. I am still taking it off and praying for peace.

At this point I have nothing to say. I am going to use the kitchen and go to my room. No unnecessary socializing. Not a way to live but sucking it up as I type.



One thought on “Good and Bad!

  1. Glad you found a possible new place-sounds like a good situation. Hang in there, not much longer to deal with dramaville. Sqee! Your consult is finally here! 😀

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