Finally in the GAME!!

Waiting for aunt flow to show up is a very different experience for me. I am finally in the game of TTC. No more talking and dreaming about it. The credit card is ready to be used. I need to call and find out the limit. It might get maxed and I don’t care. I really don’t want a whole bunch of debt if possible.

I am on the phone with my credit card right now to get the interest rate lowered. I guess I should have thought about that before now. Oh well, better now than never. I am sure they will be less interested when I have thousand and thousand on a credit card. I love my blog it really makes me think about what I am doing. I am going to look for a loan at a low rate instead of a credit card. My credit card is 15%. That is to damn high. They lowered it to 11.9%, still not good enough for me. I just filled out a form for a loan with my credit union. They gave me a 10.9%. How about I was 4 points short from A+ credit where I could have gotten a 8.9%. Damn short sale!!!  He did say I can call for a rate modification in six months. We will see if they approve me. They will call me back in a few days.

I was asked about the protocols they are suggesting. Well first I like the concept of not having all these test right up front.  I went and did blood work today. I am not coming in infertile. Now do I know if I am or not? No I don’t have that answer. I also have no reason to believe I am not.

I do know several people who did all the test, at their expense. Passed with flying colors and did not get pregnant. Also a few that did bad on a few test that are pregnant or had babies.

My problem with these test is you could pass all with flying colors and still not get pregnant. They put you in the unexplained infertility. Not to say they are not helpful and no I am not a doctor. I just had a problem with that. A friend of mine had a five percent chance with an IUI and got pregnant on the first try. She got pregnant and is doing well.

I know I could have something wrong blocked tubes etc. All that to say you never know. A friend of mine husband had a vasectomy reversed. They told her she would never get pregnant by him. Well she is on baby number two. I do not believe doctors know everything. Faith needs to be evolved in a big way. I am going to take it as it comes.

Okay their protocols that changes the price.

1) whether you want to do two insemination one the first day of ovulation and another the next day.

They do advise you use to sperm samples. Regardless if you use it the same day or split one for two days.

2) Profasi only (Trigger shot to make you ovulate)

3) Letrozole or Clomid and Profasi

4) Letrozole or Clomid and Profasi and Menopur

Not sure what the Menopur does. I will have to look that up. Now if you decided to do samples on one day it is one price. One sample on two consecutive days a different price. The basic protocol is you show up get an insemination with no medication. The cost range from 400-1210. I haven’t gotten what is not included in that cost. This place is pretty good about detailing the price of everything. This I was not to clear on.

I hope I answered the question. Any more feel free to ask!!!

6 thoughts on “Finally in the GAME!!

  1. That’s great news about your tests coming back good! What was your FSH, if you don’t mind my asking? If you can get an HSG test to see if your tubes are blocked, I would recommend… also, it’s supposed to increase chances a bit in the time right after you have it done. 🙂 I look forward to hearing what protocol you choose. I used Menopur with my two injectable cycles – it’s stimulates follicles to grow and hopefully ovulate more than one egg, too.

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