Possible Change of Plans?

I am officially moved into my own place. The movers were slow as hell and it cost me an additional hundred more than I was expecting. I will never use them again. You live and learn!!

So I was inseminated on Friday. The ex came by and yes the baby dance was done. I didn’t have my strips for the ovulation. They were in a box somewhere, which I just found this morning. I should have gotten the double lines on Saturday.  The relations happened Friday night.

Just in case you are wondering. I did not trick this man. He knew what was on the table. He travels 90% for his job. He just happened to be around. This could be a big mistake. Who knows I can’t predict the future and am not going to try.

I went to my acupuncturest on Saturday. I told her I was inseminated on Friday. I asked my SMC friend what I should say. I am not big into giving details. I know it sounds crazy, since I tell all my business on my blog.

That is different, I don’t know you guys. I didn’t want to tell this woman I had relations when I have been talking about insemination for about a year.

I have to say she gave the royal treatment. She told me to come back next week. Not to eat pineapple (never heard that before). I don’t have my supplements.  They are also in a box somewhere in my new apartment. I am going to buy some prenatal and folic today.

If I am pregnant with my twins. I would be the best coincidence of my life. Here is to keeping hope alive. I am still ready to pay for insemination. That is not off the table if a baby does not materialize from Friday activities.


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