Happy Birthday


I am officially 38 years old. My mom gave me her usual speech about my birth. I love hearing it every year. I called my dad. It is his birthday too. I was born on his 30th birthday. So he is 68 today. Which he told me last week, do not call him and remind him how old he is!! I thought that was so cute. He says it every year.


I came to work with a balloon on my door and a fruit basket from a co-worker. She also shares a birthday with her son. I always get them presents. Her son has been my little boyfriend for three years. He will be ten this year. He is so sweet, respectful and shy!! He made me a card, which I immediately put up. I have several cards from him, which is so precious.


I am not going to let the drama of yesterday get to me. Which I was shocked it played out on my blog. I digress ! I am going to enjoy this day. I have to appreciate I made it another year, where a lot of people have not.


A co-worker family friend died at 34 of cancer. She found out she had it in December and now she is gone. I feel sorry for her family and children. I made it another year and I need to show appreciation.


Another year to do better


Another year to try to live my dreams


Another year to appreciate my friends and family


Another year to not let anyone steal my joy


I have to say I would have never guessed my life would be this way. You make plans god laughs!! Life is also stranger than fiction.  The details of my life that I have shared with friends and on this blog have been great. Thanks for all the well wishes, optimism about my choices and journey to be a SMC.




5 thoughts on “It’s My BIRTHDAY

  1. Happy Birthday!!! Hope it’s a great one! I like your perspective on being grateful for the time we have and making the most of it. Sorry for the drama and strangeness with your former friend. She sure did have some resentment and judgments to share.

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