No backing out!!

The social worker from the reproductive clinic emailed me. It is time to plan the doctor’s appointment. I need to make sure I am not pregnant before I begin this. I am trying to stay positive that I am pregnant.

She did answer a few of my questions. She stated there were women with the same AMH or lower who have gotten pregnant at their clinic. Also women with normal AMH that have not gotten pregnant. I felt good about that answer. Now I feel the test are not detrimentally bad.

If I am not pregnant, I need to be taking the DHEA. I been trying to find a place to take a blood test. It came into my brain this morning about my friend who got testing done with no insurance. I have insurance but don’t want to chase down a doctor or explain why I  want this test. I am sure doctors have heard it all, but I don’t want to do it.

Well my friend told me about a place called ANY LABS. There is one down the street from my house. I will be in there on Saturday morning. I called they will let me know the results by Monday.

I am excited and scared on so many levels. Reading so many blogs of infertility issues, it is hard not to go straight to the negative. I do read a few blogs where they were pregnant pretty quickly.

My new question for the social worker. Do I need a new sperm donor. I am CMV – my sperm donor is CMV+. I don’t see the big deal. I don’t know anyone who got pregnant ask the man what is their CMV. I hope it is not a problem. I want that sperm donor if I am using sperm donation.

Life is good!! So many what if’s but no complaints. All in all a good place to be.


2 thoughts on “No backing out!!

  1. That’s great what the social worker said about AMH! I personally like to hear that, as well. That would be crazy (in a good way) if you were pregnant now! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and also like that you are dedicated to your path to ttc.

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