Aunt Flow nailed me!!

This clearly is not implantation bleeding. AF is here with a vengeance  I know it is crazy, but I still want to take the pregnancy test for good measure. Or to soothe my crazy brain.

Now my prayers are for the first insemination to work. The social worker told me via email the doctors is recommending the most expensive insemination. I really want to try the unmedicated with soy isoflavone.

I am really going to pray on that one.  I really have to think of my motives. I know I am cheap, but I really want to have a baby. So I should go with the doctor’s recommendation.

I am not sure if ex is excited or worried. At this point don’t really care. I need to work on my plan. I am going to pray I get pregnant the first go round of insemination with my twins.

I know everything is on gods time not mine. I guess I can go pick up that DHEA to begin taking it today. JOY, JOY, JOY more acne and other side effects.

I think I actually have a few bottles of it at home. I am going to check before I spend anymore money. It is saving time.

I know I make plans and god laugh. But my plan is to get pregnant and have the baby in Georgia. Then head to Boston after I get myself together and comfortable at home, look for a job.

We will see how it all plays out. The fear of not getting pregnant from the IUI is scary. I cannot afford IVF.

Here is to positive thinking!!!


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