Fear and Reality

I am starting to get really scared. Thank you to the family and friends who told me it is natural. I didn’t need to think I was some freak.

Watch what you pray for, you just might get it. Well now the moment of truth. I am on my way to getting what I asked for. Or at least working on getting it. I am still on the fence about which protocol to do.  My doctor’s appointment is coming up on Tuesday.

I started the DHEA yesterday. Here is to good egg quality.

What if I get pregnant with twins????? Scary news for anyone. I know this is what I want. I am still scared to death. I know I will handle it.

Doctor dude sent me a pissed off text. With all that is going on I haven’t had the time or energy to chit-chat with him. I have no issues with him. I am dealing with my own life and set of circumstances. He is in PA. Which makes him more of a phone pal, than part of my life. I called him this morning and left him a very nice message.

It shocking I am now important to him. Or is it the old I want what I can’t have situation. When I stopped calling he was suddenly more interested. Who knows, even more important who cares. Until he gets his butt on a plane and come see me, I am not worried about it at all.

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