Baby Project #2

Positive thinking is my new way of life. Negativity is not going to get me a baby. No more crying and being upset.

Yesterday I text the ex. He is out-of-town as usual. I said they only give me a 10% chance. He said that is better than no chance. He has a good point. I need to wait for the HSG to say my tubes are open. Then I am on my way to baby making.

I took out my working with the law books. I plan to read them and get focus to stay out of lane of negativity. God didn’t get me this far to turn his back on me.

I had my mother crying yesterday. She just wants me to be happy. I am done being gloom and doom. People have defied the odds before. I don’t know what is going to happen but I am going to leave it in god and the universe hands.

I am going for it, and stop doubting things will be alright!!! First order of business stop looking up success stories online. I tend to get the horror stories more than success. I firmly believe when success happens people are not running to the computer to report it, like negative things!!!!


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