Baby Project #3 Success

HSG came back normal. Now I know god is on my side. It put such a smile on my face, I could barely read the rest of the email.

My tubes are open and normal. We are on the road to success. I emailed the social worker and told her how I was about to cry my eyes out in that doctor’s appointment. I felt I needed to be honest about my emotions. She is a social worker.

So now I am on the road. Thank you God!!! Thank you God!!! I can’t say it enough. One step in faith for many to come.  I know I have 10%, but with that news of the HSG normal it is feeling like a 100% chance. I know I am crazy!!!

I was so worried about paying for that test. When it was a question something wrong, I thought fuck it I am taking this test. I working out paying later.

I been smiling and doing a dance all day. Good news is such a mood lifter!!!!


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