Not living the dream!

Well ex showed his ass again. I swear this time it was my fault. I was feeling fat and insecure and called him. I am praying I don’t do that again. I put him on the reject list on my cell phone. If he calls it will go straight to answering machine. I don’t want to hear anymore excuses.

I went to acupuncture and let her in on the bad news I wasn’t pregnant. She asked me what they said. I told her my eggs are bad. She gave me the nasty tea I am supposed to drink. I have to say I wasn’t excited about drinking this tea. It taste like I am drinking dirt. I need to do all I need to do for baby, so I am cooking the dirt tea right now. I have to drink a cup every other day.

I am so grateful to have good friends. I was feeling like the biggest loser to be in this situation with ex again. Two people told me we all been there. You are no different from most women who is in love with someone.

Yes I love a jerk and I wish I didn’t. I swear I have issues. The dirt tea is smelling up my house. Not in a good way. I was very depressed and upset yesterday. Today I am doing pretty well. I found a park near my house. I walked around it twice. I asked someone how many miles it was. It was a mile and half around. So I did three miles. Yeah for me. It is already five and I haven’t done half of what I should.  Lazy Sunday!!!

2 thoughts on “Not living the dream!

  1. Hey there, sorry you’ve been feeling down about the ex. So you saw him and it didn’t go well? Or are thinking of the past and that you shouldn’t be seeing him? I can understand why you would call when you really care about him and you have a history, plus needing some comfort. Dirt tea doesn’t sound like much to cheer you up. :-/ good for you for walking!

    • He has shown me who he is several times. I need to pay attention. The tea wasn’t as bad as I thought. Not something I would want everyday. She claims it will help me have a baby. So I am drinking the dirt tea. LOLOL

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