Email Went OUT!!

My first IUI is schedule for next month. I will be having several appointments. I sent my boss a vague but important email about doctor’s appointments. When I mentioned it before he seemed very worried. I asked a few people and let him know I wasn’t dying. In so many words.

I am worrying my ass off. Also re thinking using the Soy Isoflavones. I just want it to work so bad.

Doctor dude called me at 1am on Sunday. I said why you calling me at booty call hours when you can’t do anything about it. We both fell out laughing. Unless he has a Jet to get from PA to GA. We talked for a few hours. He still wants to buy me a plane ticket. I am still hesitant  I have so much on my mind. I can’t worry about him right now. It is hard to concentrate at work with my mind swirling.

On a good note my insurance accepted my ultrasounds from my doctor. So I have almost got my deductible paid up. So many they will start covering something. Here is to keeping hope alive.

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