Baby Project #6

ultrasound machine


First insemination is coming up. First ultrasound in a series of many is tomorrow. At first she told me I had to do the ultrasound on the second day of AF. Can you say I was more than disgusted  I don’t want to deal with AF let alone sharing it with someone else. Well she said I can do the first ultrasound tomorrow. AF will be here soon.


Every time I think of something negative, I say something positive out loud  I will conceive. I will have healthy children. I will have financial security. I have been overloading my friends with my concerns. Everyone has been good about listening to me. The best advice I got was saying something positive after thinking something negative. That is all to my friend D. I appreciate that!!


A lot is going through my mind. I am not coming back to work after the procedure  I am going to use that time to think and pray. I might back to that park I found and walk around. Walking the trail will clear my mind. It is hard to think on a treadmill


in a gym. I am sending a thank you to everyone who has been there for me. I have surely got some great people rooting for me!!!



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