Baby Project #8 Fail!!

English: 2 cm left sided ovarian cyst


Well I had an ultrasound yesterday. I have a cyst. I will be having another ultrasound on the third day of my period. If the cyst is still there she will not give me fertility drugs. It would aggravate the cyst.


I asked her if I could do a natural cycle if the cyst is still there. “If that is how you want to spend your money” in a your crazy tone is the answer I got.


I am ready to do the damn thing. This could be good showing me I don’t need to spend all this money. A natural cycle takes the expense down big time. I also told her I would be doing one insemination not two. She said she gives me a 1% chance.


So natural and one insemination instead of two took my 10% down to 1%. She also told me when I do get on the medication, I should do it each month not every other month.


I have been listening to my positivity CD for the past two days. I have to say my faith is improving. I didn’t cry when she said those things yesterday. I had a feeling in my heart it will work.


I have read of a woman who had identical twins when they told her she would be wasting her money.


I went to see my acupuncturist, because we got out of work early. At the end of the session she said have you gained some weight. Pretty hard to hide when you are practically naked on the table. She said no good lose it. She wasn’t mean about it. Very to the point and immediately went to something else. I thought damn she couldn’t give me that with a chaser. I left and decided to do something about my weight. I have eaten great today. I also walked around a park twice. I would have went for the third if it didn’t start drizzling.  Life is good, no complaints!!!


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