Baby Project #9

English: Human sperm stained for semen quality...


The cyst has decreased to a reasonable level. So I start the drugs tonight. Having an ultrasound during my period wad disgusting  but not as bad as I thought it would be. Bills are coming in and I thank god I can pay them. I owe on my taxes and decided I will put the credit card down on Friday. Why rush to pay. :-), but I don’t want to cut it to close to the wire.


So I only paid 30 bucks for my Femara. Can I say HELL YEAH!! I heard it could be up to 500 bucks. They had me go to the small out-of-the-way pharmacy. It was not close but for 30 bucks I don’t have a problem with driving.


On Friday I come in for my Menpur shot. Then next week the trigger shot and two insemination’s    I called my aunt and told her half of her grandchildren are in the mail. Yes I ordered the sperm. This guy wasn’t my first, second or third choice  After I was told I had to have CMV-, I had to be allot less picky. I know he has confirmed pregnancy. So I hope his little men get my knocked up on the first time. Then I could careless what choice he was. He would be my frozen baby daddy!!!


I am not scared but I am on edge. I don’t know how to describe my present emotions. I am still listening to my CD over and over again.  My life is about to change in a BIG WAY. The way I wanted. Now I have anticipation of getting what I asked for!!!



2 thoughts on “Baby Project #9

  1. Exciting! I’m so glad you get to move forward on this cycle! Funny what you told her mom about half her grandchildren are in the mail. 🙂 Femara is usually pretty inexpensive, in my experience. The expensive, potentially several hundred dollar stuff is the injectable medication: follistim, menopur, etc.

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