Baby Project #20 ???

I took my blood test on Thursday  Waiting for the answer today. I have had more crazy moments with a bunch of pregnancy test.

The social worker calls me. How are you doing she ask. Crazy I stated. I understand and I have something to tell you. Okay, I am waiting for a yes or no. She says, I have only had to make this kind of call three times last year. You are the first in 2013. OH SHIT!!! I am thinking what the hell is this about.

Your test was intermittent  What the hell does that mean. Well your levels are there they are low. We need to test again on Monday.

Here are the three possible out comes:

1)Numbers go up and end up with a baby

2) Numbers go up, not by much have a miscarriage

3) Number goes down and try again for the next cycle

Then she told me she hasn’t seen someone with numbers this low make it through the first trimester. So now I have a bunch of things going on in my head. Not good news not bad news it is just news.

One good thing she said is you have beaten many odds in the process. We can’t predict what will happen. You might be the exception to every rule.



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