Baby Project #23

Tomorrow is my first ultrasound. I feel a pain in my lower abdomen  If I have cyst that is to big they will postponed the IUI. She won’t give me any fertility medicine.

How I wish I had a husband that I could do the baby dance with every month. Having to go this route, I never found out I was infertile from trying. I have no idea if that is true at all. Regardless of the test I took.

I emailed ex asshole. I had to put an end to my crazy want him to suffer thoughts. I made my peace and put it in writing. He wrote back. Nothing to prolific  basically I wish you the best of luck also.

Knowing him, I will here from him in a few months. Hopefully I can be pregnant and happy by that point.

In my crazy crying fit I told my mom I would move back to Boston in September if these next two IUI don’t work. Why in the hell did I do that. She is so ready for me to come home. She heard nothing else but come home. She jumped over that I want these IUI to work.  I know this was my error. I shouldn’t have opened my big mouth. I was having a moment with the wrong person. She is ready for these IUI’s to fail so I can move. Thanks MOM!!!

The crying has stopped. I even did great with my food today. I am going to take a long walk after work. Get myself together to begin this again tomorrow. Thanks for the good thoughts. Keep them coming!!!


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