Good Mood Day 2

I have no complaints today. I am still doing well with my food. I am lazy as all hell. No exercise has been done. Nothing very special is going on in my life. Baby project will begin again next week.

I went into the break room this morning. I realize I have a crush on my co-worker. We actually don’t work together at all. He is in a different department, and I only see him randomly. He is not that great looking off the cuff. He grew on me big time. He has the best personality and very friendly. He has a southern drawl that I come to like.

I will never make him aware of this. I don’t shit where I eat. I was also burned a few  years ago for trying to date someone in his department. That guy doesn’t work here anymore, Thank god. It was working out until I found out he was trying to date several women at the job.

The crush is fun. It makes me feel alive and sparked a little fire in a place that has been asleep for a while. It would be nice if he felt the same way.

For me to find that out I would have to put my neck out. Which is not about to happen. I have gained about 30 pounds not feeling that confident. Also trying to have a baby with frozen sperm. Not the sort of thing will draw all the men in. So I will fantasize from afar. Which sucks but that is life.


One thought on “Good Mood Day 2

  1. Crushes can be fun! I wonder what his relationship status is. It’s nice when your attraction grows for someone the longer you know them.

    Sending good thoughts to you as you begin another cycle!

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