Baby Project #25

I got the trigger shot today. She saw four mature eggs.

Is it too much to ask that my twins show up out of these four eggs?? At first she said three and I was disappointed. We had five last go round. Clearly the high number didn’t help. She had to look again to find the fourth one.

I have my insemination tomorrow. She said if the eggs are still there when she does the ultrasound she will do one Tuesday and the next one Wednesday. If the eggs dropped she will do a double insemination on Tuesday. I could careless about either protocol as long as I get success out of it.

I am going to a bridal shower. Ticket already bought. Dr. Dude didn’t call me back this weekend. So we will see if he is there in July or not. I am not banking on it. I am more worried about my baby project then any man at this point. If he acts up I will enjoy Philly with my aunt.

Tomorrow I am going to have a lot to do. I plan to do to the acupuncture after my insemination. I am pulling out all the stops for this. I took two days off. I feel some fluttering in my lower region. I hope that means something.


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