Sunday Thoughts!!

I slept so much today. I really believe it has to do with the progesterone I started taking again. I went to bed at 11pm and didn’t really join the land of the living until 12pm today.

A lot has gone on with me. I am working on being positive. I created my vision board this weekend.


I am creating what I desire in a husband also. The hypnotherapist told me to put it on the fridge. I will give anything a try. I been listening to my  CD to lower the stress. I been falling a sleep to it every night.

I decided I give no one the benefit of the doubt anymore. In my quest to be fair it has led me to keep people in my life that I shouldn’t. My ex called me and asked if we could be friends. I told him he doesn’t deserve my friendship. He asked if I still love him. I told him yes I wasn’t going to lie about that. Then he stated in his try to make feel guilty voice. If you never want me to call you again I will. I said that I can say yes to. I never want you to call me again. You are not good for me in any way. I also have let a few friends go also. There was no fight about it. I am just done. I am not going to explain to anyone why I should be treated a certain way. Another friend said I should explain. I told her when a man leaves he doesn’t give an explanation. My mother told me years ago you owe no one an explanation for your choices in life. I totally agree. I am not picking up the phone and moving the hell on. If you are not for me you are against me. I don’t want anymore negative people in my life period.

I am in the beginning of my two-week wait. I am trying not to stress. I am taking the herbs by my acupuncturist. I am listening to my CD to lower stress. I made my vision board with my prayers to my twins. I am working on doing the next right thing. All prayers are appreciated and wanted!!!


One thought on “Sunday Thoughts!!

  1. Hi, I love your vision board! You sound in a great place and attitude. I am sending lots of prayers!
    p.s. Wi you remind me what CD you are listening to?

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