Baby Project #28

I don’t feel well. I know it could be all progesterone related. My stomach is way off.  I don’t know what it is. I am trying not to get overly excited. My claim to fame last time. Yes the progesterone I took gave me symptoms. I was pregnant. It didn’t stick but I was.

When I was showing my doctor the acupuncturist pills she wanted me to take. She asked me why she gave me these. I told her to make it stick this time. She said she couldn’t truly confirm I was pregnant or it was the trigger shot. I know it wasn’t. She doesn’t have to confirm.

I been unbelievable tired also. I took an hour nap in my car during lunch. It so didn’t help. It made it worse. I had to get some coffee to make it through the day.

I have been working on my projects. I started writing a Sci-Fi book. I actually have two stories. One people like more than the other one. A friend of mind said my mid is always working on something. She is right. I just need to finish the stuff I create in my mind. I have the big issues of procrastinating and not finishing things.

I put my dreams and aspirations on my vision board. I am looking at it every night for at least five minutes  Trying to be obiediant. It is so hard for me to be consistent. This is a big step for me.

My clothes are tight. I don’t know if it is from poor diet (probably) or fertility drugs. I know I am not comfortable. I am working on it day by day. When I get the positive I will be gaining weight and need to accept it. I don’t think I have a problems with pregnancy weight. At least that for a reason. Not just stuffing your face with crap.

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