Baby Project #29

My stomach has been upset for several days. I have no idea if I should be excited or not. I left work a little early today. I wasn’t feel great.

I forgot to take my progesterone this morning. I am supposed to put it up my Vijay twice a day.  I put on the pad so it doesn’t ruin my underwear. I put on the pad and forgot to put in the progesterone. I wonder where my head was at this morning.

I am addicted to Dr. Phil show. I usually watch this show on YouTube. Also the OWN network has it on for several hours some days. To me it is so funny. He gets paid big bucks to say the obvious.

I really like he isn’t nice about his obvious advise. It also makes me think I need to be on point with my future children. I am excited about the long weekend. But it is getting closer to finding out the baby answer. Which is scaring the shit out of me,  to find out the answer to the two-week wait question.


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